“Our workers are reputed for handwork, dutiful and most loyal to their employers, comparatively Nepali Workers are bestood economically advantageous to the employers. ”

– Chairman, Jum Prasad Gurung  “17 years of my Journey” 

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to your reputed company. We are well organized and well staffed, and all our customers and clients are delighted with our reliable and timely services. Within a short period, we have successfully recruited thousands of skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workforce for several overseas employers.
We undertake complete responsibility to recruit any category of personnel from Nepal on behalf of any legally authorized and genuine overseas employment regulations on the Government of Nepal and that of the Government of the Country of employment. With the perennial cooperation and support from you and your established company. We will always be able to preserve our status as the top Manpower Consultants in Nepal. We like to play a significant role in our country’s economic development by improving people’s financial condition. If you are looking for reliable services for recruiting workers for your established company. We request you to try with us. We promise to do our best from our professional management to provide you with reliable and prompt services. We heartily welcome your kind co-optation and generous recruitment offers. Hoping to get your reply from you as soon as possible.